Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant provides zu’s first contact with the general public by phone, email and in person. This position is self-directed and requires excellent time-management skills. The Executive Assistant must be able to organize themselves while creating efficiencies for zu.


  • Software: Understanding of software such as: G Suite, Eventbrite, Canva, Keynote and Replicon.
  • Accounting Basics: Has previous experience in bookkeeping, QuickBooks and has basic skills in accounting processes. 
  • Customer Service Attitude: Is a kind, friendly, good-natured person. This includes excellent written and verbal communication between customers/suppliers/visitors/enquirers and relevant staff.  This person must be able to communicate clearly and concisely over the phone, through email and in person to both internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Teamwork: This person must establish and maintain effective and positive working relationships with co-workers, supervisors and the general public.
  • Tech: Ability to understand technology basics and stay up-to-date with trends within the industry. 
  • Bring the Boss: Ability to be decisive, firm and create solutions quickly.


  • General Office: Answer calls in a pleasant manner with a kind helpful tone. File data and perform other routine clerical tasks as assigned. Order and maintain relevant office supplies on behalf of zu staff. Always keep the client areas tidy and inviting. Perform calendar management - be aware of scheduled events in the office, know when clients are coming in, when staff are away/sick and meeting room prep.Prepare boardrooms for meetings prior to guest arrival. Be sure boardrooms are cleared and clean after external meetings.
  • Office Support: Assists teams with support upon request. This can include editing proposals, research, event planning etc. 
  • Communications: Helps communicate internal functions. This includes but is not limited to webinars, client calls, staff messaging etc. In addition, maintains the office schedule, will arrange meetings and appointments and provide reminders to internal staff. This position will produce reports, presentations, briefs and assists with editing and formatting of proposals.
  • Internal/External Event Planning: Assist in planning and executing extraordinary events externally and internally. 
  • Travel Concierge: Make travel arrangements for both employee and client travel. 
  • Finance Admin: Perform financial administration tasks including: monthly data entry, billables, processing expense claims and purchase orders, entering payables, reconciling company credit cards and QuickBooks data entry. Also maintains accountability for the administration budget. 
  • Office Equipment: Responsible for operating and coordinating the maintenance of a variety of standard office machines including a personal computer and relevant software, phone, fax, shredding machine and photocopy machine.