Technical Lead Developer

The Tech Lead will provide sound technical leadership in all technical aspects of zu business. This position works in collaboration with the operations and accounts direction. This position works in a fast-paced, collaborative team environment. This is  a results oriented person who puts client priorities first, while remaining committed to the craft. This is a strong team player who can work under tight deadlines, while balancing multiple streams of work.


  • Defines the technological strategy with the development team/operations.
  • Defines technical risks and mitigation plans for projects.
  • Helps to identify high risk areas for the Product Owner/AE/development team.
  • Establishes technical standards within the company.
  • Works with Operations and HR to evaluate development teams; identifying strengths, problem areas, and developing plans for improving performance.
  • Works with IT to streamline internal (and client) systems and infrastructure.
  • Evaluates candidates for technical positions.
  • Evaluates new technology and tools.
  • Identifies systems that need code improvement and schedules corrective action, when possible.
  • Works with the HR and development floor to create skills where gaps are found.
  • Supports and educates accounts (and others) on zu's technical process through RFP's in order to vet clients and strategize sales tactics.
  • Find an out of the box solution for unique problems.
  • Ensure that our hosting platforms, services, and technologies deliver maximum up-time and value to our clients
  • Assist in qualifying new business based on technology and fit


  • Minimum 7-10 years in-house demonstrated technical skills
  • Extensive leadership qualities with ability to lead, direct and make large technical decisions
  • Extensive experience with zu's languages
  • Extensive experience with modern front and back end frameworks & tooling
  • Communication is a MUST. This person must be able to clearly and concisely make arguments while staying positive and supportive
  • Will provide technical support to the development floor, IT, Product Owners, Operations and Accounts
  • Must have optimal attitude within behavior while  inspiring your team in collaboration and teamwork