Government of Saskatchewan

Facilitating informed decision making

When the Government approached us, they had a problem: ministers were overwhelmed with binders full of documents in their cabinet meetings, which they’d typically get with very little time to review before their meetings. The first phase of our project was rapidly producing an iPad app that allowed ministers to read, annotate, and mark up their documents—leading to their first paperless cabinet meeting five weeks after starting the project.

The next stage of the project was tackling the speed of document production. Their existing process meant that when people from different branches of government needed to collaborate, or when they needed sign-off from other departments, printed documents were being couriered to those locations. Our solution is a digital replacement of their old paper system, allowing government workers to create documents, collaborate with their peers, and benefit from a streamlined approval process. Using an iterative development cycle, we were able to quickly get core functionality into use, and continue to augment this system.

Cabinet is now able to effectively receive documents and render decisions in a secure environment.
Fredrick D. Mantey, Cabinet Secretary

The entire process is now much faster, resulting in ministers getting their documents sooner, and being able to make more informed decisions. It’s reduced redundant effort, and completely automated some processes, freeing up time. There’s also direct environmental impact and cost savings, drastically reducing paper use, and cutting greenhouse emissions from physically transporting paper. Overall, great results for the people of Saskatchewan.