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On a mission to improve healthcare

The Health Quality Council is an independent agency that measures and reports on the quality of healthcare in Saskatchewan. Working closely with healthcare providers and partners, their job is to quantify the healthcare system, find the inefficiencies and suggest enhancements that will improve the quality of care for everyone in the province.

Traditionally, HQC produced an annual report that summarized the state of Saskatchewan healthcare. These reports were informative and provided excellent transparency for the province. Unfortunately, they weren't very timely. With a mandate to make healthcare better, HQC needed a faster way to determine if their improvements were effective. They needed a better way to handle and process large amounts of data. Most of all, they needed a system built for their specific task—turning data into valuable information that can be acted on in a meaningful way.

Features and highlights
  • On-the-fly data parsing for key indicators
  • Immediate importing of data
  • Data storage in a robust and flexible data warehouse
  • Rapid data analysis through executive dashboards, details graphs, sparkline graphs, data tables and other appropriate reports
  • Customized taxonomy to group data in relevant ways

Turning complexity into simplicity

Our history and experience in building interactive annual reports for large companies made us a good partner for HQC. After all, the tool they needed isn't all that different than a big organization's financial statements—both need to turn complex numbers into digestible, easy-to-understand information.

Our sophisticated, analytics-based web application did just that, parsing vast amounts of data quickly. The Quality Insight tool delivers accurate information with frequent updates through executive dashboards, sparkline and detailed graphs, data tables and customized reports in multiple formats.

Our original taxonomy and code formed the backbone of a simple, usable site that puts the information front and centre.

Results that matter to real people

Quality Insight lets HQC and their partners quickly identify areas that need improvement. Continued tracking lets them know just how effective those improvements are. And all of this information is made available to everyone at qualityinsight.ca in a clear and concise way, helping keep healthcare providers accountable to the public, who can easily understand the same data.

While it's easy to get lost in the data that drives the system, it's important to remember that it represents real people with real health problems. The web application we created isn't just about improving efficiency, it's about improving care. HQC and their partners use the Quality Insight tool to promote accountability and, more importantly, help people living in Saskatchewan.