Get your hands dirty with real digital tools

Staying ahead of the curve

When you think of industries at the leading edge of mobile technology, farming probably doesn't immediately spring to mind. But don't let the farmers fool you—they are a tech-savvy group and they depend on the latest technology to conduct the business of farming.

Features and highlights
  • Native iOS, Android & BlackBerry apps
  • Responsive website and web app
  • 434% first year growth
  • Half of all users access the app daily
  • One third spend 1-3 mins per session
  • 25,000 total hrs spent in app in 1st year

Buying and selling of crops requires accurate information, and farmers may need that data while literally standing in the middle of a field. This access to information has become even more important with recent changes to the Canadian Wheat Board, creating a more competitive marketplace for farmers to stay on top of.

When it comes to mobile, the farming community is actually among the earliest adopters of new devices. Viterra understands this because they understand their customers. That's how they became one of the largest agri-businesses in the world. Armed with this understanding and a mandate to provide second-to-none service, they identified a need for new, advanced mobile tools among their customers, and they partnered with us to help create those tools.

Fast, relevant data at your fingertips

Our work with Viterra is based on two things: 1) create a suite of applications that meet customer needs, 2) maximize compatibility by making those tools available on all platforms. Their research indicated there were no apps relevant to farmers currently on the market, so they wanted us to create something completely original.

We responded with a Viterra application that runs on all the latest platforms, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry. We also built a web version of the app using a responsive design that will load in any browser, desktop or mobile.

At the heart of the app is a tool for farmers to get the latest commodity prices. They simply enter their crop and location, and the app gives them up-to-the-minute pricing information from Viterra's current price data. The application satisfies the user's need for immediate and accurate information, and allows them to save favourites and compare prices on the spot.

The mathematics of growing

For the second phase of the project, we created a nitrogen calculator application for the web, allowing users to work out their fertilizer needs on the fly. They choose the fertilizer they want, input their crop type and acreage, and the app determines the amount of fertilizer required to maximize yield. Users can change criteria, toggle results and, ultimately, make informed decisions.

Again, this is about using technology to create essential tools that deliver accurate information to farmers.

The future of farming

Up-to-date commodity prices and the nitrogen calculator are just the beginning. These two Viterra apps are just the beginning. New tools are being researched, planned and built, creating a library of useful applications aimed directly at Viterra customers.

Viterra cares about their farmers and these applications are part of their commitment to service and customer loyalty. They, like the farmers, understand how technology can help people work more efficiently and effectively, and we are delighted to be able to help them engage with the global farming community.