Our culture is a product of the community we keep.

We're a tribe of thinkers, innovators, designers, and developers with a knack for turning complex problems into innovative solutions. Inspired by the community we keep and supportive of those pushing our industry forward in Saskatchewan. That’s the zu culture.


I like the idea that this is kind of like a tribe - we all like it here, we’re making a living here, it’s kind of like a family. It’s healthy. It’s how more workplaces should be.
Tony Zuck, Co-Founder, President and CFO


In the community

We’ve watched our industry grow at a fast pace over the past 20+ years. It’s remarkable to see the attention technology is getting in Saskatchewan from around the country. It’s why we have worked with others to champion this industry by focusing on sharing knowledge and educating future tech leaders.

Here are some of the activities we’ve been a part of:

Some highlights...

Strong team building
Winners of the 2016 NSBA Business Builder Award for Team Building
Alumni over 20+ years
Pushing our industry further
1400 pots
brewed by 'Coffeebot'
Friendly competition
Board games, darts and ping pong to get the juices flowing