Meet our people.

These are the faces of zu. We're a collective of problem solvers, tackling challenges and creating solutions with the businesses that shape our world. 

Chief Executive Officer,
Founding Partner

Ryan Lejbak

As Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan’s start at zu was a humble one, designing and developing for Saskatoon’s small businesses as he explored the uncharted territory of the Internet in 1995. His role today takes on many forms. Serving on the SREDA Board, the ITSA Board and as a charter member of SaskTech, he promotes our industry and all of the innovation taking shape around us. Ryan is the steward of zu culture; he continues to make our office an inspiring place to work.

Chief Financial Officer,
Founding Partner

Tony Zuck

Tony founded zu in 1995 with Ryan, right about the time the Internet started to get traction. Tony’s role is multifaceted but he gathers facts and develops strategy, whether financial, communications, usability or to make folks laugh. As an executive sponsor, he has a relationship with many clients, divided with the CEO. But his main focus is on zu's performance as a business, which keeps clients coming in and team members staying long term.

Chief Experience Officer,

Albert Jame

As the unofficial digital spokesperson in Saskatchewan since the early 2000s, Albert has watched the online world evolve, from static websites to the digital ecosystem. His fresh and dynamic attitude belies his seasoned perspective in matters of business, strategy, and creative work. At the office, Albert facilitates workshops, and design sprints, and works closely with UX leads in navigating strategy and design challenges for clients.

zu crew

Intern UX Designer



Akshara is the newest member of the zu team, joining us from the University of Saskatchewan's Interactive System Design program. In her short time at the UofS, she's founded a thriving UX Club, achieved Honours in her first 3 years, and earned over $16000 in scholarships and hackathons. 

Account Strategist



With a BBA in Marketing and experience in hospitality, cannabis, and food industries, Alanna has incorporated technology and design in past roles for the betterment of her team and client base. Alanna is keen on building relationships with clients while guiding them through digital journeys.

Senior Designer



Amanda is passionate about solving complex problems with beautiful and intuitive designs. Over the years Amanda has had the opportunity to work with a range of companies from big brands to small start-ups including IKEA, Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire, Coconut Software, RockDoc and many more.

Senior Developer



As a graduate of zu’s intern program, Anja completed her Computer Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan and now focuses her time on iOS and front-end web development. She primarily works on projects for Directwest and the Government of Saskatchewan.

Business Development Manager



Braeden is a U of S Huskie Alum with a business background in technology adoption & digital strategy. He loves to help educate our partners on how to navigate their digital transformation. Outside of work Braeden is a music lover and tries to stay active skiing, biking and spending time with his family.

Account Strategist



After completing his Commerce degree at McMaster University, Brendan received his MBA at Ivey Business School, pivoting toward a career in tech. Brendan brings his deep knowledge of business development and strategy, operations and facilitation to the table as he works alongside his zu partners.

Senior Design Strategist



As a graphic designer, he brings years of experience building brands with complex identities and takes on all types of design challenges whether that be digital, video, or print. Brian helps clients visually communicate to their users, rebrand their organizations, and create new ways for users to interact with that brand.

Principal Designer



Brian joined zu in early 2019 with 17 years of experience in branding, advertising, marketing and digital design. Though sometimes unconventional, Brian's approach to design challenges everyone in how they think about a brand, product or idea. 




Cara is a visual storyteller. Her duality as a designer and marketer helps her approach design challenges with a focus on business outcomes and key audiences. Having completed her design training in Vancouver, Cara returned to Saskatchewan with a passion for creating emotion through visual communication. 

Intern Developer



Taking a break from the school grind, Chi joins us from the University of Saskatchewan's Computer Science Program. In her short time at the UofS, Chi has worked as an undergraduate researcher, led the CSSS as its president, and has been recognized for numerous scholarships and awards. 

UX Strategist



Christianne’s background is in Cognitive Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, and Games User Research. She is excited to apply her knowledge and research skills to explore problems and is thrilled to be part of the transformation of Saskatchewan into a design-forward community.

IT Manager



Dan is the IT Manager and jack of all trades when it comes to systems administration. He works with python, shell scripting, PHP, occasionally javascript, along with all of the associated data formats.




Erin joins zu with over 12 years of experience as both a studio owner and agency designer. Erin loves the cross-functional dynamic of zu, leveraging design to solve problems alongside ux leads and developers. She knows that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra. 




Grace, a University of Saskatchewan computer science grad, transitions from intern to industry with a toolbox for tackling tech puzzles and a balanced admiration for the craftsmanship of front-end design and the logic of back-end architecture.



IT Specialist



With the tagline, "helping technology help you", Gregor supports the technology that supports zu and our clients. This includes the procurement, installation, configuration and management of our own and third party software, networks, and databases. 

Product Owner



Haley knew early in her Bachelor of Commerce education that the digital world is where she belongs. At zu, she leads a team of UX Leads and Designers, ensuring that projects run smoothly, and our client's users and business needs are met.




Jason joined zu in the summer of 2019 as a graduate of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Computer Systems Technology program. He’s fresh to the industry and works in a team of developers to solve complex problems for clients like the Government of Saskatchewan.

Resource Manager



Jen champions great customer service, while protecting our internal staff’s workload. She ensures the smooth running of our studio’s production teams, facilitating an environment where everyone easily balance client and internal work. 

Product Owner



Hailing from Germany, Jessi brings extensive project management experience to the team. A spreadsheet maestro, she’s keeping projects on time, on budget and is the liaison between client partners and our production teams.




Jon joined zu in the summer of 2022 as a graduate of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Computer Systems Technology program. Jon supports our web app team and clients, through the maintenance, optimization and development of new web features and platforms.

Finance and Admin Manager



Karen does literally everything behind the scenes to keep us organized. She manages our receivables and payables (aka making sure we get paid) all while planning the amazing events that make our culture what it is.




Tech Lead



Kevin is both a tech lead and a senior front-end developer who works primarily with JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. He is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer and joined zu in 2006. Kevin spends the majority of his time working on projects with the Government of Saskatchewan and Mysask411.

Product Owner



Our fast-paced, task-juggling world of tech is a perfect match for Kirsti’s Bachelor of Commerce and experience in event planning. She started at zu in July of 2019 and works with clients such as Cameco, Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, Blue Cross and Great Plains College.

Growth Strategy Director



Kit is always looking for ways that zu’s strategy, design and technical experts can spark or enhance innovation within organizations. He sources inspiration from new trends, companies and markets and harnesses ideas into actionable insights for his colleagues and clients.

Product Owner



With a couple of decades of experience in the hospitality industry, MacKenzie is no stranger to long to-do lists, tight timelines and fast-paced projects. She thrives while facing the challenge of meeting deadlines and facilitating team collaboration all while building trusting relationships with her clients. 

Senior Developer



After completing the Computer Systems Technology program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Max joined zu in 2018. He thrives in fast-paced, problem solving situations and focuses on back-end development within his team, while spending most of his time in Symfony.

Human Resource Manager



Meagan is a true human resource and marketing professional. Whether she’s working the room while recruiting the next addition to the zu crew or scouting out professional development opportunities, she’s always discovering creative ways to support our team and help move the company forward.

Finance Director



Melissa is our go-to pro for all things finance. She works within our executive team to analyze performance and facilitate planning, with our accounts team to ensure contracts and budgets are managed, and with all clients through accounts receivable.




Michael specializes in CMS and front-end development. He has a keen eye for detail and holds 20+ years of industry experience. In his 14 years with zu, Michael has worked with a variety of clients, including AltaGas, Cameco, Canpotex, Great Plains College, and Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation.




Educated in Computer Systems Technology, Michael is a team player who enjoys the fast pace of agency web development. When he’s not programming or checking out newly released technology, he’s keeping his problem-solving skills sharp through board games in the lunchroom. 




With a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Arts & Science in Interactive Systems Design, Nick blends communications, technical know-how and an eye for design to his development work. He loves keeping up with the latest trends and using them to improve and optimize client projects.

UX Strategist



With a background in digital and marketing communications, Rachel is known for infusing her projects and workshops with her vibrant personality, creating engaging and memorable experiences for her audiences. She excels in connecting with others through innovative and authentic approaches.

Strategy Director



No two days are the same for Rebecca, which is something she loves about her career. She’s driven by fast-paced projects, complex user needs and the impact change management can have in digital transformations.

Design Director



Roberta is a critical thinker and expert creative with a fascination for how design and user experiences intersect. She joined zu in 2017, has a Bachelor of Design from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and is a Certified Graphic Designer through Graphic Designers of Canada.

Marketing Manager



Former zu Account Strategist, Ryan is now putting his B.Comm in Marketing and years of experience to good use by creating strategies, experiences and content that help our current and future partners navigate the complex world of digital. 

Senior Strategist



Born in Pakistan, with parents from fine art and design backgrounds, Saad grew up watching art everywhere. After completing a bachelors in graphic image-making in the UK, Saad designed for multi-national brands like Coke, Borges, and Second cup, before shifting his career to UX design. 




With a B.Sc in Computer Science (2019), Sam enjoys solving a wide variety of problems. Bringing expertise and interest in both front and back-end work, Sam combines continuous integration and deployment with a keen eye for design.

Technology Director



Returning for his second tour at zu, Shane brings over 20 years of full-stack development and infrastructure experience to the zu team. Over his career, Shane has held many titles in development, engineering, and operations, giving him a holistic view of the digital landscape and its functions.