Welcome to our valley.

The soul of our company isn’t derived from our cliché toys, ping-pong table and Taco Tuesdays, but rather the people who call this place home. We’re fiercely independent and proud of the work we produce and the people we work with. Which is why we’re always on the lookout for more great team members.


Current Opportunities 


What we do

We invent things. We rely on user centered design to recognize opportunities for innovation. We identify a target state without predefined checklists of things to do or how to approach it. We tackle challenges collectively in cross-functional teams. We use open source, and we believe in it. It opens the door to rapidly evolving tech. It allows us to be nimble in how we approach solutioning and Agile in execution.

We tackle diverse projects for only two dozen clients, so we develop skills in many areas, as opposed to working on the same thing day in and day out. That variety may sound hard but our company is a tribe-sized group, where we can behave like humans instead of cogs. We push each other, support each other, train each other.

We like to outperform the incumbents, and set even higher standards for the challengers. Our project successes make positive differences in the lives of our clients and their end-users. We make the tools that make things easier, quicker, more sustainable.

We make websites for cities that answer questions and improve lifestyles for hundreds of thousands of citizens; we create innovation for thousands of farmers across Canada that increase yields to feed the world; we build assessment systems fronted by mobile games sensitive to indigenous lifestyles to help young students improve academic performance; we re-engineer a document management system accessed by a secure iPad app to make Saskatchewan the first paperless legislature; we increase the safety of underground miners by developing intuitive visual GUIs for machinery; we conceive and execute on user interfaces to simplify hardware technology supplied to North American cable companies.

Who you are

A person who digs making digital things more powerful and polished. You like the idea of setting a standard for the world to beat. You enjoy the camaraderie of team work and challenges tackled together. You want to ask “Why?” with users and not build on assumptions. You want to write code, not just configure systems. You want big challenging projects without bureaucratic overhead slowing everything down to the speed of boredom. So if you like variety, high standards, continuous learning and potlucks, you’ll probably like zu.