Build once and done?

Not exactly. To avoid long-term maintenance costs and protect your digital investment, our support, optimization and adaptation offering helps ensure a lasting impact on the usability and lifespan of your assets.


Support, Optimization & Adaptation

Support emphasizes continual testing and proactive analysis of known security threats and asset risks. Optimization focuses on keeping pace with modern devices, browsers and operating systems shaping the way users interact online. Continual support and optimization go hand-in-hand to ensure your digital assets long-term viability is maintained.

Our technical expertise and development processes make future adaptations such as API development, continued system integrations and reengineering cost-effective and made with ease.

  • Monthly browser, OS and device testing
  • Host environment performance measurement
  • Optimization backlog development
  • Major risk assessment and resolution
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Continued system integration
  • API creation
  • Design heuristics review
  • Digital brand alignment

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The twenty year project

It’s been twenty years since Cameco’s first corporate website launched. Five iterations later, the digital strategy fueling one of the world’s largest uranium producers has evolved alongside the industry it services.