We help mature companies think young again.

Many organizations lack the culture to form bold ideas, take chances and prototype solutions. Our methodologies and frameworks provide clients with the opportunity to step outside what's routine and get creative.


Design Strategy

Layers of platforms, multiple user touchpoints and siloed departments can lead to chaos. It’s time to establish some direction. Design strategy helps organizations determine which opportunities to pursue now and how to position for long-term success. We leverage design strategy to analyze and assess what drives your business and the role of digital tools. It’s critical to break down barriers between departments and establish dialogue. This is what we provide. A bridge between internal and external requirements, needs and challenges to put your organization on the right path towards innovation.

  • Business discovery
  • Technical systems assessment
  • Digital ecosystem analysis
  • Digital strategy & roadmap
  • Brand experience & positioning
  • Market research & analysis

Digital Product & Service Design

Digital success requires system adoption, proficiency and delight. We start by asking the right questions and solving the right problems for businesses and their users. Through this lens we map the users' journey, from establishing personas to prototyping solutions and testing. Ultimately this leads to a refined architecture serving as a blueprint for the product.

  • Design Thinking workshop & facilitation
  • User-centred design
  • User research & engagement
  • Customer journey mapping
  • UX prototyping
  • User testing
development -2

Software Prototype

Successful applications flow naturally for users and increase adoption rates. Leveraging experience design methods to outline the right solution, our cross-functional team will collaborate with developers to prototype the technical framework. Together, we’ll establish a business case for your next software build by developing a proof of concept that decision makers can touch and feel. All while measuring feedback from users and key business stakeholders. Rapid prototyping establishes buy-in around a single direction and increases the likelihood that your next software build maintains strong adoption, proficiency and delight.

  • Solutions architecture
  • Software prototyping
  • Single page application development
  • Micro-service development

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