City of Regina

Regina's citizen-centred website

Circa 2017, the City of Regina was in desperate need of a new digital home. After twelve years, the existing site had outgrown its structure, no longer meeting the vision that elected officials had for their citizens — a vision of cultural planning that is strategic, integrated, responsive and comprehensive.

The objective of this redesign project was to emphasize a shift to a more welcoming, modern and citizen-centric experience. 

Regina has over a quarter-million citizens tapping in daily to all sorts of city services:

  • finding public transport,
  • paying utility bills & parking tickets,
  • checking recycling schedules, 
  • booking recreational activities, etc. Homepage Mock on Laptop

Built for citizens, with citizens

The City of Regina wanted a beautiful platform with effortless navigation that would simplify how residents find answers to common questions and, in the process, serve as a community facilitator — an up-to-date, reliable resource that makes life in the city more manageable.

zu UX Leads and Designers worked with major stakeholders — department heads, IT teams, front-line staff and, of course, residents to understand technical and non-technical insights. Designing and developing an experience for a broad user group encourages engagement with a multitude of demographic profiles — individuals with varying accessibility levels, education levels, professions, digital literacy and interaction preferences.

After consulting with 1000+ citizen and government stakeholders, we combined human-centred practices and user insight to create a functional, intuitive asset that will support City of Regina employees and people.


Wireframing to Launch

Design-strategy engagements provided invaluable direction for our combined teams as we created the foundation of the site through content audits, sitemap trials, information architecture, wireframing and required technical integration. Our user-centred approach to web building ensured our team created a robust digital experience with citizens, not just for citizens.


City of Regina Stakeholder Workshop

Styleguide & Experience Principles

In addition to the new web architecture and redesign, zu created a comprehensive style guide and supported on experience principles to help maintain design consistency — setting the City of Regina webmasters and communication teams up for self-sufficient success, consistency and succession planning for years to come. 


Process & Polish - 3 Years Later

The City of Regina’s Webmaster, Kayla Farmer, sat down with zu’s Director of Strategy, Albert Jame, to talk about the City of Regina redesign, the evolution of the website since launch and how she manages her team in a way that continuously improves the integrity of the website. Three years post-launch and the website is still serving citizens of Regina, helping them manage their lives in the queen city. Learn from an expert webmaster about her journey in getting where she is today, the importance of content management and how experience principles can drive success. 


Client Testimonial
Our team truly enjoyed working zu. Their commitment to the project, dedication to user-centred design, technical expertise and ability to work collaboratively with our developers was refreshing and professional. This was a complex project due to its scale, the scope of the City’s content and the number of integrations required. The zu crew successfully delivered on time and on budget, achieved all project objectives and even fit in a little fun along the way.
Melissa Butler, Manager, Interactive Communications