zu Design Thinking: Intensive is a 3 day deep dive into the process of design thinking. This course involves the traditional approach to design thinking, giving participants an interactive learning experience through each major phase. Design thinking can be taken back to the office the very next day, with tangible tools and skills that will help you solve problems faster and more effectively.

What you'll learn

  • Create better experiences for your customers
  • Solve complex problems faster
  • User-centred research techniques
  • Problem identification and reframing
  • New methods for ideation and solution development
  • The prototyping mindset and user testing


Grant Opportunity

Do you work for a Saskatchewan business? You may be eligible for the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant. Explore this option to access full funding for Design Thinking: Intensive.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Learn about the design thinking methodology
  • Become an advocate of human-centred design
  • Create personas and see the world through the user’s lens
  • Practice various research methods
  • Embark on a virtual field-research trip to solve a sample project


Day 2

  • Learn about defining and reframing your problems
  • Master various user maps (Empathy, Journey Maps, Service Blueprints)
  • Practice creating ‘How Might We’ questions 
  • Improve your quick sketching abilities  
  • Apply ideation and concept storytelling to your case study


Day 3

  • Learn what and how to prototype
  • Build a prototype with your team 
  • Understand the steps of user testing, from preparation to execution
  • Practice running a user test for your prototype
  • Gain insights into other applications of Design Thinking 


Q & A session

Upon completion, participants receive course material summaries and an official certificate of completion that you can show off to your network. 

Participants also have an opportunity to book a 1-1 session with the instructor to answer any burning questions and discuss personal design thinking applications. 

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