Remote Work Survey Says...

Remote Work Survey Says...

The zuCrew started working from home in mid-March to do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19. During this period of rapid change and adjustment, our three service pillars — Innovate, Build, Adapt — have never felt more appropriate. 

What hasn’t changed? Our commitment to each other, our clients, and fun! We recently surveyed staff about the lighter side of work-from-home life, covering very important topics including house plant health, dishwasher-loading skills, and, of course, sourdough. Check out the Design Team's visual depiction of the highlights.

Which of the following best describes your home office?


22% of respondents cut or coloured their own hair.


55% of respondents have watched all or part of Tiger King.


41% of respondents have baked at least one loaf of sourdough since we started working from home. Two respondents have baked more than 10, and one respondent claims to have baked more than 50 loaves!


81% of respondents' house plants are in the same or better health compared to before they started working from home.


New hobbies the zuCrew has tried but were epic fails include quilting, puzzles, baking, deleting Instagram, looking after a plant, sleeping, exercising, Animal Crossing and eating healthy.


"Someone was cooking bacon while on a call and their smoke alarm went off."


27% have become one with their pandemic uniform.


Are you dishwasher-loading skills at home better or worse than at work?


Spotify is the primary music source for 64% of respondents. Apple Music was a distant second (9% of respondents).


New hobbies the zuCrew has taken up successfully include drinking, practicing darts, baking, puzzles, gardening, reading, taste-testing teas, wood working and texting people back.